Turning things off

July 20th, 2010

I’m basically turning off this blog. I’ll keep the domain though.

What’s this?

January 30th, 2010

Oh, I have a blog. I wish I didn’t forget about it so often. Doubt I’ll keep up with it, but, hey, it’s here. Hi!

Paypal and rapidshare scam and fraud

August 21st, 2009

Got an email from rapidshare this morning thanking me for subscribing. Thought it was junk.

Got an email from paypal saying I had sent rapidshare $43 or something. Login to my paypal account and nothing. Look at all transactions and there it is.

I really am glad that I took my bank account info off of paypal! The charge hit my credit card instead. I disputed the transaction with paypal. They close it but don’t actually credit my card. Don’t know if it will take a while to show the credit but them stealing my money sure showed up right away. And they won’t respond to my emails.

Rapidshare blames me for the problem. It wad their service that was compromised by criminals.

Looking around the intertubes and this seems like a common problem. Paypal, why do you continue to allow rapidshare to steal from your customers? Guess you guys make money from them from a few legit transactions so you’re willing to deal with their attempted stealing every now and then.

New Bike doing just OK

August 18th, 2009

I have about 290 miles on my Trek FX 7.3 right now. I’m having some problems with the front brake pads occasionally rubbing the rim. And, now, strangely, the seat has started creaking. It may be loose, or it may be junk. I’d lean towards the later.

But, the good news is that I’m enjoying the heck out of it! 290 miles in under 2 months sounds like a tremendous amount to me. I did a 20 mile ride on Sunday. Was pretty beat afterwards, but I finished. 15 mile rides are almost no sweat now.

So, yea, as long as you are willing to have a money pit and put up with some brake problems, the Trek FX 7.3 is a good one. I mostly ride on bike trails when I can, hitting the roads when necessary. Too skeered to do too much on the roads. Too skeered to get clipless pedals and shoes right now too.

Comcast internet woes

August 8th, 2009

For the past week or so I’ve been having troubles with my comcast high speed Internet. It will go diwn then come back up a few minutes later Friday night, the 7th, it got really bad. Today it has been down more than it has been up. I’ll watch the modem, motorola sb5101, status page and it just won’t lock on to a signal. Occasionally it will get one and work for a few, then right back down.

So I called 1800COMCAST. The lady had me power cycle everything, which I had of course done already but I play a long with her script. She says she is running a test and can’t connect to my modem. Well, if she could, I probably wouldn’t be calling. She asks me if I own the modem and I explain that I got it from the previous cable company before comcast took over. Then she tells me that the failure to get a signal is a sign that my modem is dieing and that I need a new one. Sigh. Oh, they’re more than willing to rent me one for a monthly fee if they send a truck. I don’t buy it at all and play a long to get the call ended. Seems that was all she was interested in too. I offered to read stuff about the signals and such, but she just wanted to tell me to get a new modem and get on to the next call. Must have to keep the call center stats up?

Now what? I imagine things will behave as temps decrease, but that’s a pain to have to wait for afterdark to have reliable Internet service.

At least I have my iPhone to get my fix and whine. Oh yea, Comcast, your online chat help thing doesn’t work in the iPhone. Maybe that should be integrated with your app?

Terrible Customer Service – Bank of America Edition

July 29th, 2009

How come so many companies are so absolutely, disgustingly terrible at online customer service? You email them some straight forward questions and it seems like the reps are trained to duck and dodge and avoid the questions. You ask them again, and get something completely unrelated to the original question. It’s like they don’t even fully read and understand your questions, and just fire off something as quickly as possible.

Last night I placed an order online for some cycling stuff. Not much, about $22. Immediately, Bank of America sent me an email telling me that I was trying to commit fraud and that they are suspending my account. I wait till morning and, indeed, I cannot access my account. I email them and ask what exactly is going on. They basically refuse to help me and I have to use some website to prove who I am.

I go there, it asks for my credit card number, last four, mother’s maiden name, etc.. Scary stuff, especially after the bank has just told me I was trying to commit fraud. I go through with it. They ask me questions about my car loan that is through another bank. Why in the world are they looking that up?? I go with the flow.

I go back to email and tell them I did their dog and pony show and ask them what it was all about. I very directly ask them what it was all about, and they just say it was an out of the ordinary charge. What? I’ve purchased from 4 different bike shops since the 17th (the current statement) alone, why did that one transaction make them decide I was committing fraud? They don’t answer and dodge the question and I end up getting an explanation of what a pending charge is after I ask to have a manager, or someone that knows what is going on, get in touch with me.

So, Bank of America, why are your online reps so bad? Why do they dodge my questions?

Update: I’ve exchanged a couple more emails and these people absolutely refuse to let me talk to anyone with any sort of authority in the company. I’ve been with NationsBank / MBNA / Bank of America for 13 years now and cannot get someone to actually help me. What does it take?

Like the new bike so far

July 5th, 2009

I’ve only had the bike for three days now, but I think I’m going to like it. I rode for 8 miles on Saturday and 15 this morning. It was great to finish up the ride exhausted, rather than in pain like my recent attempts at running. I’ve spent like $900 so far getting going and forsee needing another $150 or so to make me safe and comfortable.

Posted from iPhone.

Purchased Trek 7.3 FX

July 3rd, 2009

I’ve gotten fed up with the shin splints when running, and fed up with the elliptical and stationary in the fitness center, so I decided to buy a bike!

The first store I went to wasn’t helpful AT ALL. The salesman basically told me to find what I like and let him know, then went back to starting off in to space.

Second store, Bicycle Garage Indy, was MUCH better. The two salesmen I talked to were friendly and knowledgeable and steered me towards a bike that will meet my needs. I ended up with a Trek 7.3 FX. There was a great difference in feel between it and the 7.2 FX that I had first set my eyes on. I could immediately feel the difference when shifting, pedaling, etc. I thought the cost difference was worth it.

I took it on a brief 5.8 mile spin tonight and had fun. I’ll try for 10 miles in the morning and see how I like it then!

Here was a quick snapshot from right before I took it in to my apartment for the first time:

Ran my first 5k

June 28th, 2009

I ran my first 5K race at the Fishers Freedom Festival yesterday.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect out of it, but, overall, I had fun. The start was a little rocky trying to get around the walkers that thought they should start towards the front, but once things thinned out it was pretty smooth sailing. I finished right in the middle of the pack at a time of 27:52.

My shins are still hurting me, especially my right one, even with my new shoes. Been thinking about buying a bicycle, but am apprehensive because of a) crazy drivers and b) don’t know where I’d keep it in my apartment. We’ll see.

Belkin Sport Armband Plus with Fastfit

June 22nd, 2009

I purchased a Belkin Sport Armband Plus with Fastfit to hold my new iPhone 3GS when I go running. Turns out, that wasn’t such a good idea. Here’s the email I just sent to Belkin explaining my complaints:

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Typing this on my new iPhone

June 19th, 2009

I am typing this on my new iPhone 3GS! I am using the wordpress app for the iPhone. The device is certainly pretty cool. It was pretty easy to activate with At&t -just download iTunes, sync, and I was on my way. I think I’ll have fun with this thing.

Ordered iPhone 3GS

June 17th, 2009

I’ve admired the iPhone since it was first released two years ago. I feel like Apple does a bang up job on their products, and now that the platform has had two years to be hacked to mature, I think this is a good time. It seems like Apple has made some good improvements with the new platform and hardware – cut & paste, compass, better camera, MMS support, etc. Hopefully it’ll be here on Friday and I can start playing with it!