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Went to the Indy 500

Sunday, May 25th, 2003

Saw Muhammad Ali up close.. about 15 feet away as he was getting out of a van to go inside. He looks pretty bad.

Saw some Lear Jets do a flyover, one went just about veritcal it looked like.

B2 did a fly-by down the front straight, then another across the north side of the track. Both times it went right over us.

Saw a car flip over and slide about 100 yards… Safety crew was there within seconds, flipped the car over with 6 guys, and the driver walked away. Four or five years ago and the driver would have been seriously injured, if not dead.

Saw a “replica” Ferrari 2002 F1 car in a Firestone display. It was right next to a IRL car. They look so similar on TV, but are so different up close.

The Chevy SSR was the “pace vehicle”. Pretty sharp lookin car. They said it should be in showrooms late summer.

Some service members rode around the track in the back of Silverados before the race and they got a standing ovation.

That NYPD officer who retired and started opera singing did the National Anthem and did a kick ass job. He was awesome. Wynona Judd sung some song, meh.

Didn’t take my camera this year because all my pictures last year were crappy… I regret that decision.

The Borgg-Warner trophy is now filled up. They can’t put any more faces on it (each winner has his face engraved on the trophy), so they’re going to have to change it so they can fit more faces.

Fixed the window

Thursday, May 15th, 2003

I got the new relay from the Ford dealer and put it in today. I must have put something back together wrong, because I had some other troubles with the window. The “slider” that attaches to the glass was bumping the motor on the regulator. I fought with it for a few minutes, and found that slightly loosening the bolts that hold the regulator motor to the door allowed the motor to move out of the way of the slider piece. Problem fixed. Yay!

Fire at my cousin’s house

Saturday, May 10th, 2003

My cousin’s house caught fire on Monday. Apparently the dryer had been warm for a couple days even though it wasn’t being used. That’s what started it. Her dog and two cats were killed in the fire. The insurance hadn’t been paid on the house because she was broke, so her, her two kids, and her live in boyfriend lost everything.

My mom, Uncle, and Uncle’s half sister each owned 1/3 of the property until last year when they gave everything over to my Uncle because his daughter was living there rent free… Mom is glad she did that.

My Aunt and Uncle are involved in the AmVets, and got them to donate a total of $1250 to my cousin. The Red Cross gave $200, my grandma gave $500, the boyfriend’s mother gave $500, neighbors gave $300. Uncle works at a federally subsidized housing project and got my cousin’s family into a unit there.

Uncle and his friends are going to rebuild the house. LOTS of work to do. Here’s some pictures that I took today. The dog in one of the pictures is lucky to be alive. The boyfriend’s brother lives in the garage apartment out back and usually puts the dog in the house to be with the other pets. He was running late that day and didn’t have a chance, so the dog was in the apartment.

Could have been worse… people could have been asleep there.

My window

Friday, May 9th, 2003

I stopped by McDonald’s this morning to get a biscuit on my way to work. After getting my biscuit, the stinkin window wouldn’t go back up. And it was raining.

I made it back to my apartment and under my car port. When the rain stopped for a few minutes, I drove over to my mom’s house to the safety of her garage. After messing around for a little bit, I decided the auto-down relay was dead. I called Ford and the guy at the parts counter said those RARELY go bad, it had to be something else. Ok, trust the guy that should know what he’s talking about. Back to the drawing board.

Hour or two later I head over to the Ford dealer to get a new regulator. Get back home, won’t work. We give 12V and ground to the two regulators and they both work. Must be the relay. My Uncle and I drive all around town looking for a new relay and can’t find one. We call and junkyard and they’re willing to sell me the relay for $300, and I get a free door with it. No thanks.

We mess around with the plug for the relay and manage to jumper two of the connectors to get the window up. Whew, only 7 hours! I go to the Ford dealership to order a new relay. It should be here Tuesday.


Tuesday, May 6th, 2003

Grandma had a duck’s nest right outside her front door, in a small flower garden. We were afraid that the eggs weren’t going to hatch because they had been there a little too long.

But today they hatched! Here are some pictures I snapped. Pardon the bluriness, digital zoom on my camera seems to do that.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get better / more pictures as mama duck lets the ducklings venture away from the nest.

Some notes on lirc, bttv, and my Leadtek Winfast card

Sunday, May 4th, 2003

I’ve helped a couple folks on the Gentoo forum with their Leadtek Winfast TV2000 XP TV tuner card. Here are some notes on getting the remote to work. I guess I’ll work backwards.. I’ll put up some info on the getting the tv tuner itself to work later.

2005 Mustang Prototype

Saturday, May 3rd, 2003

Here is a thread from with a few pictures of a 2005 Mustang prototype. Pretty slick looking car. Maybe my car will hold out for another two years and I’ll be able to get one. I love the looks of them, compared to the current Mustang.