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My window

Friday, May 9th, 2003

I stopped by McDonald’s this morning to get a biscuit on my way to work. After getting my biscuit, the stinkin window wouldn’t go back up. And it was raining.

I made it back to my apartment and under my car port. When the rain stopped for a few minutes, I drove over to my mom’s house to the safety of her garage. After messing around for a little bit, I decided the auto-down relay was dead. I called Ford and the guy at the parts counter said those RARELY go bad, it had to be something else. Ok, trust the guy that should know what he’s talking about. Back to the drawing board.

Hour or two later I head over to the Ford dealer to get a new regulator. Get back home, won’t work. We give 12V and ground to the two regulators and they both work. Must be the relay. My Uncle and I drive all around town looking for a new relay and can’t find one. We call and junkyard and they’re willing to sell me the relay for $300, and I get a free door with it. No thanks.

We mess around with the plug for the relay and manage to jumper two of the connectors to get the window up. Whew, only 7 hours! I go to the Ford dealership to order a new relay. It should be here Tuesday.