My window

I stopped by McDonald’s this morning to get a biscuit on my way to work. After getting my biscuit, the stinkin window wouldn’t go back up. And it was raining.

I made it back to my apartment and under my car port. When the rain stopped for a few minutes, I drove over to my mom’s house to the safety of her garage. After messing around for a little bit, I decided the auto-down relay was dead. I called Ford and the guy at the parts counter said those RARELY go bad, it had to be something else. Ok, trust the guy that should know what he’s talking about. Back to the drawing board.

Hour or two later I head over to the Ford dealer to get a new regulator. Get back home, won’t work. We give 12V and ground to the two regulators and they both work. Must be the relay. My Uncle and I drive all around town looking for a new relay and can’t find one. We call and junkyard and they’re willing to sell me the relay for $300, and I get a free door with it. No thanks.

We mess around with the plug for the relay and manage to jumper two of the connectors to get the window up. Whew, only 7 hours! I go to the Ford dealership to order a new relay. It should be here Tuesday.

And just for reference, here are part numbers for my 96 Contour:

Engineering number on the relay: 92GG 14A267 AB
It caused some confusion for a while because “GG” looked like “66”

Ford part number for the relay: F5R2-14B118-A
$53 at my dealer, which seems to be the most expensive one around. It was $51 at the next town over, but I wasn’t exactly sure of the location so I stayed local.

4 Responses to “My window”

  1. Corey Friend says:

    Thanks for your post… I’m having the same problem with my Contour window and your site was the only place with any info on it. thanks for the help.

  2. Corey Friend says:

    Holy smokes… After spending an entire day replacing the motor for the power window… the new motor did exactly the same thing as the old! Then your site sured up my 2nd guess that it was the relay. I was actually able grab the relay pins and pull the PC board out of the case. I found a broken solder joint, resoldered it and heated a few cold joints I saw and then tried it out. Guess what… It worked! In case you ever run into the same prob again, rather than getting a new relay you might want to check the solder joints inside 1st. Thanks again for you post. God bless.

  3. Jorge Garcia says:

    Guess what, just had the same problem this morning before starting to jog(6:30), with my ’99 Contour SVT. While waiting for news from my Ford dealer here in Mexico searched at the web for the part and thanks god I ran into your info.. Tomorrow AM , I’ll work into the relay and hopefully solve the problem. I will let you know. Thank you again. Jorge

  4. perry says:

    Hey that’s pretty cool that my old message was able to help!