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Fire at my cousin’s house

Saturday, May 10th, 2003

My cousin’s house caught fire on Monday. Apparently the dryer had been warm for a couple days even though it wasn’t being used. That’s what started it. Her dog and two cats were killed in the fire. The insurance hadn’t been paid on the house because she was broke, so her, her two kids, and her live in boyfriend lost everything.

My mom, Uncle, and Uncle’s half sister each owned 1/3 of the property until last year when they gave everything over to my Uncle because his daughter was living there rent free… Mom is glad she did that.

My Aunt and Uncle are involved in the AmVets, and got them to donate a total of $1250 to my cousin. The Red Cross gave $200, my grandma gave $500, the boyfriend’s mother gave $500, neighbors gave $300. Uncle works at a federally subsidized housing project and got my cousin’s family into a unit there.

Uncle and his friends are going to rebuild the house. LOTS of work to do. Here’s some pictures that I took today. The dog in one of the pictures is lucky to be alive. The boyfriend’s brother lives in the garage apartment out back and usually puts the dog in the house to be with the other pets. He was running late that day and didn’t have a chance, so the dog was in the apartment.

Could have been worse… people could have been asleep there.