Dog Sitting

Mom & I are dog sitting for my Uncle this week. Miniature Schnauzer named Heidi. She’s kinda pepper colored, most of her body is grey, white belly, black and white and grey face. Cute little dog.

She’s about 4 years old, and during her life she’s only been away from my Uncle for a total of 2 nights when he took my Aunt to a clinic for some tests. We’ve had her for a week now, and she seems to be slowly adapting to us. Earlier this month “her” kitty cat had to be put down, so she was probably already lonely from that, and now her “daddy” has disappeared. She’s all confused.

Friendly, loveable dog. She likes for us to pat her, and she’ll sit right next to us when we watch TV or whatever, always wanting to be touching someone. She doesn’t take too kindly to strangers or other dogs though. I guess she doesn’t see many other people out with my Uncle, as they kinda live out in the country.

I’ll try to upload some pictures of her tomorrow.

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