Got the car fixed

So last Monday, I dropped my car off at the body shop to have the rear bumper repainted from my accident. Pick up a Ford Focus rental from Enterprise. All goes well.

Thursday rolls around, pick up the car.. Take a look at the back bumper and notice that the bumper looks the same. Look at the invoice — they did the front bumper. Go back inside, get the owner, he’s fuming mad. Seems the guy that did it wrote up his own estimate without looking at what was already in their computer. Front bumper repainted for free! Yay!

Owner tells me to come back on Monday, yesterday, so they and do the rear. They gave me a Ford Taurus to drive around. Picked up the car today, and it was all done! Owner did the work himself, and said he had to fix a crease in the bumper from the fender bender, oredered car parts on eBay for this occasion. Looks great.

Gotta wait 30 days until a wax it.. which will be right around my birthday. Great present to myself — shining up my freshly painted bumpers!

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