Little Duckies

I was over at mom’s house tonight, sitting outside with Grandma and her friend. We were feeding the ducks some stale hot dog buns and they were loving life. About 25 ducks were around, but only 7 babies and their mama were brave enough to get close to me where I was throwing the food. There was even an ugly Canadian Goose out there that was hissing at anything that moved.

I walked around to the side of the house and noticed that the ducks kinda walked towards me. Then I went to sit back down and they walked back up to me again. Hmm.. those ducks sure do like me. I walked around the yard a little and the ducks seemed to follow me wherever I went. So I got a piece of bread and walked about 50 yards down the shoreline was I threw off pieces, ducks followed the entire way. How cute 🙂

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