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My weekend…

Sunday, September 28th, 2003

Well, I’ve been sick since Thursday. Woke up Thursday morning with the mother of all colds and I’ve been fighting it ever since. But, that wasn’t going to stop me from going to the 2003 James Dean Festival in Fairmount, Indiana. I’m not really a James Dean fan, really don’t know much about him at all, I just go for the neat car show they have. LOTS and LOTS of old cars from the 30’s – 70’s. You name it, and it’s probably there.

My favorite car to see was probably an unrestored, single owner 1969 Shelby GT350. Beautiful car. There were lots of custom Mercury leadsleds there, they looked simply spectacular. A 1949 Ford was on display that belonged to Dean’s family, as well as a replica of the Porsche that he died in.


The rest of the pics. About 20 in all.

Got my new muffler

Saturday, September 13th, 2003

I had my cousin weld on my new DynoMax SuperTurbo muffler on Friday. The car is MUCH quieter, even compared to before the old Flowmaster had holes in it. If there’s any power difference, I can’t feel it. Cuz did a good weld job too…


All the muffler pics. While the car was on the lift, I looked around at the free paint job I got back in July/August.. I sure am glad I didn’t pay for the front bumper. The pics should speak for themselves..

bad paint

Couple more pics.

My car sure is loud…

Sunday, September 7th, 2003

My car had been kind loud the past few days, so I decided to take a look under the car and figure out why…


Maybe that’s why?!? The exhaust is only 4.5 years old, and 2.5 of those years were spent in Georgia, only 2 winters up here in Indiana.

I tried to go to Advance Auto Parts to buy a muffler repair kit. I looked over the two or three kits they had and decided upon the cheapest on. Go up front to pay, play is kinda busy. Gotta wait my turn… Guy in front of me pays for his stuff then asks the worker for something. Worker goes running around and helps the guy. Gets stopped by another patron on the way back up front, and helps that guy. Another worker heads up front and is stopped by yet another patron. Meanwhile, I’m standing next to the cash register with cash in hand. First worker is stopped by yet another patron. I’m pretty pissed off that they can’t get anyone to take my money so I just threw the kit on the counter and walked out. I’ll just deal w/ the loud muffler for a week or so, until I can get a new on welded on.

Rainy Day

Monday, September 1st, 2003

We had a little rain today. Mom’s neighborhood has somewhat flooded.


But I managed to make us some dinner. Ribs and biscuits. She made potato salad and fried corn.


Here are some more pics of the food and water.