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Silly rules

Saturday, October 11th, 2003

I spilled a Diet Coke on my keyboard last night, and it wouldn’t work this morning.. poor little keyboard. It was the wireless one that I got for free from Logitech.. So I went to Best Buy to buy me a new one. They wanted $50 for the cheapest Microsoft Natural Keyboard.. no thanks! So I bought the cheapest one — GE Power Keyboard for $10! Come back home to buy get me one online. Newegg has a OEM Natural Keyboard for $17, but check it out.. it requires a hardware purchase! Piece of hardware requires a hardware purchase. But they’re nice enough to sell a power cable splitter for $5 and it has a $5 combo saving dealio on it; free. How silly. I’ll just keep this little GE hunk of junk around as a spare, for the next time I spill something..

And this is the second keyboard I’ve ruined this year. Broke my old Natural keyboard when I was trying to clean it.

MS has really screwed up their new keyboards as far as the insert/home/pgeup/pgedown/etc keys are concerned. They’re in two columns, home and end on the first row. Delete on the left column taking up two rows, and page up and down on the right column. The insert key is gone. The one from newegg has the keys in columns, but the insert key is still there.