Civil War!

I went to Hartford City’s Civil War Days today. Pretty neat. There was about 500 reenactors encamped there – men, women, and kids. All in period dress, sleeping in period tents, cooking with cast iron cookware. I’ve never been to a Civil War reenactment before, so this was quite a treat.

tents fire! boom!

Here are the rest of the pics.. Lots of neat stuff.

Something interesting… This is put on by the Blackford County Historical Society or something like that.. My great-great-(great etc)-grandpa was a soldier during the Civil War from Blackford County. Couple months ago, my Great Aunt gave me a copy of his enlistment and discharge papers that she requested from the state 30 or 40 years ago. She also had a copy of a newspaper article from back in the day about his death, saying that he was the tallest soldier from Blackford County. All the men, on both sides of my family, have been average height, cept for him… so that’s where my height came from — I’m 6’4″.

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