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Firebird 0.7

Friday, October 17th, 2003

So the new Firebird is out. In case you don’t know, it’s essentially a stripped down version of Mozilla. A lot less bloat. There’s no real new features that I use. The Options menu has been reworked a bit, that’s about the only visual difference that I see. Doesn’t really seem faster to me, not as fast as Konqueror feels at least. The only reason I don’t use Konq all the time is because I’ve gotten to used to the way Mozilla/Phoenix/Firebird feels. Can’t quite get Konq configured to be exactly the way I like it. Oh well. Firebird on Windows is speedy though, and is really worth using over IE.

And while I’m writing, I got my new MS Natural Keyboard this week. After using a wireless Logitech keyboard for about 6 months, I’m glad to be back to the Natural-ness. Much more comfortable.