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I’m a dope

Thursday, April 29th, 2004

Decided that my car needed some spring cleaning today, so I set out on the interior to clean out the winter crud. Spent about an hour cleaning stuff, a lot longer than I’d usually spend because I hate interior cleaning. Used some Turtle Wax Carpet Cleaner on the floormats and on spots on the carpet. Vacummed everything real good. Used some Fantastik citrus cleaner to clean up all the plastic parts, then dressed em.

Got done and was happy with the job I had done, so I decided to head home from mom’s house. But I couldn’t find my wallet. I knew I had taken it with me, so it had to be around her garage somewhere. Looked high and low, low and high. Couldn’t find it. Spent about 30 minutes. So I drove home, thinking I actually didn’t bring it with me. Nope, not at home. Back to mom’s. Went through the trash that I threw out, traced my steps around her house, looked through the car, moved seats forwards and back. Still missing. I just knew it had to be in the car someplace so I started feeling around between the driver’s seat and center console. Ah ha! There it is! Black leather wallet shoved down between the seat track, the center hump, and the console. All told, I spent about an hour trying to find the damn thing. What a waste.

I think I’ll do the outside on Friday and Saturday.. couple coats of Zaino and S100. Then maybe some new pictures. Mom recently got a Canon A60, so I’ll try that and see how it compares to my Canon S100. My camera was about $400 at the end of 2000, her camera was $160. Be interesting to see how they compare.

More spammers

Tuesday, April 20th, 2004

I guess running a “blog”, if you want to call my site that, is a constant battle against spammers. Checked today and had 12 new comment spams, all from the same IP address. I don’t see how Viagra relates to Linux CFLAGs, but whatever. The blacklist was updated with the appropriate blocking info for this spammer, but I doubt he’ll be back again anyways. Seems he was blocked once by it, but I guess he changed his message to get past the filter. Bastard. Oh well. Back to searching for a job.