More spammers

I guess running a “blog”, if you want to call my site that, is a constant battle against spammers. Checked today and had 12 new comment spams, all from the same IP address. I don’t see how Viagra relates to Linux CFLAGs, but whatever. The blacklist was updated with the appropriate blocking info for this spammer, but I doubt he’ll be back again anyways. Seems he was blocked once by it, but I guess he changed his message to get past the filter. Bastard. Oh well. Back to searching for a job.

2 Responses to “More spammers”

  1. david says:

    Was reading your blog and (stupid question, I know) but what’s the point of people spamming us with blog comments?

    Also, I’ve been looking for job for a while myself and can relate.

  2. Perry says:

    I figure they’re trying to get search engine rankings.. They spam a bunch of people w/ links to their webpage, so Google thinks the site is good because so many people link to them, and thus ranks them higher when people search for whatever crap they are advertising.

    My website certainly doesn’t have enough traffice to drive people to their site in numbers that would actually matter 😉