Washing Mom’s Car

I owe mom a car detailing for mother’s day. She was never home much when she was in town, so now that she’s on vacation, I have all the time I need. Just got started with my little process today. I washed the car with Protect All Quick N Easy Wash and a microfiber wash mitt. Dried off using a 100% cotton terry cloth towel and waffle weave microfiber towel. Then I clayed the car using Clay Magic detailing clay. Here are a couple pictures I took, I’ll keep taking pictures as I go along, hopefully I’ll be able to see some difference. The car is tan, so stuff really doesn’t show up all that well. Total time to do those two steps was just over 2 hours.

Next on my list is Meguiar’s #83 DACP and #82 SFP, then S100 SEPC, Poorbooy’s EX-P, and S100 wax. I’m also going to clean the headlights by wetsanding and using Mother’s chrome polish, clean the wheels using S100 Wheel Cleaner, and dress the tires using Turtle Wax Emerald Series Tire Wax. Leather inside will be conditioned and cleaned with Lexol products, plastic will be dressed (not sure what I’ll use right now), carpet vacummed and shampooed if necessary. Lots of stuff to do!

The EX-P and some Meguiar’s Final Detail are actually in the mail right now.. Scheduled for delivery on Wednesday. So I’ll probably do the DACP, SFP, and SEPC on Monday, interior and wheels on Tuesday, then finish up on Wednesday. At least, that’s my plan for now. We’ll see how the weather holds up and such.

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