Still more cleaning on mom’s car

Decided to apply the wax today. May the paint that much slicker, and seemed to make it look a little wetter. Definite difference. And it only took about 20 minutes or so.

Cleaned the leather too. That Mr. Clean Eraser kicks all kinds of ass. I could really tell where I had and had not cleaned as it got rid of all the dirt. Just did the eraser on the driver’s seat and the plastics around the driver — that one bar is pretty much shot. The driver’s floormat had never been really cleaned before, just some vacumming and a little shampoo. Decided to go after it w/ the hose.. YECH! So much stuff came out, and even more as I was brushing out some of the water.

I did have my camera with me. But I left the battery at my apartment in the charger. DOH!

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