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Heidi’s visit

Friday, June 25th, 2004

Here are some pictures of Heidi’s, my Uncle’s miniature schnauzer, visit this year. He and my aunt went to Florida for a week or so and left her with my mom. I think one week a year is enough of a dog fix for mom… 🙂

heidi heidi 2 heidi 3

More on detailing my car

Friday, June 25th, 2004

Last weekend I topped the Poorboy’s EX-P with S100 paste wax. The S100 product line is very similar (if not the same) as that of P21S. The paste wax costs about half as much as the P21S version. Unlike P21S, which you can really only get online, S100 is found in just about every Harley-Davidson dealership, but I guess you can also get it online.

I didn’t take a picture of the results because I didn’t really think that pictures would show the difference, especially on different days under different lighting conditions. Now that I’ve had a few days to look it over, I really like the s100 on top of EX-P. Makes the car look really wet and the shine deeper, just like a quality carnuba is suppose to do I suppose. EX-P was very clean and somewhat wet looking by itself, but I think the S100 was a nice improvement. I likes it.

I’ve quick detailed with Meguiar’s Final Detail (from their Detailer line, but it has been discontinued) and the car sure looked perty. Today I bought some Eagle One Wax-As-You-Dry spray. Eagle One says that it can be used as your only wax, but I’ll be using it as a booster for the S100, to help keep that “just waxed” look after regular car washing. It’ll be free after rebate, so if I don’t like it, no big loss.

This weekend I think I’ll try tackling my engine bay, especially my cam cover. It’s pretty nasty looking! I uess I should consult an expert like Mark Hare detailing near Mechanicsville Md to get best results.

Computers Chase the Checkered Flag

Friday, June 18th, 2004

Computers Chase the Checkered Flag, an article in the NY Times, talks about all the computing power in an average F1 car. Data is transmitted from the car to the team computers as the car whizzes by the pits at 200mph. Teams are able to monitor potential problems in real time and predict failures.

Estimates say that teams will spend in excess of $2.8 billion this year to run all the races, with top teams spending around $400 million each.

AMD is excepted to announce that it will build a computer roughly as fast as the 10th most powerful machine in the world for Sauber which will be used for aerodynamic testing.

Seems like F1 racing is becoming more of a battle between engineers than a battle between drivers.

HowStuffWorks has an article about the technology behind CART cars. Budgets and technology in CART isn’t quite as large as F1, but still an interesting read.

On behalf of a grateful nation…

Friday, June 11th, 2004
picture picture picture
picture picture picture

Pomp and Circumstance

Wednesday, June 9th, 2004

I watched about 4 hours of coverage of Ronald Reagan’s funeral tonight. From when they took him off the 747 (VC-25) to just after the diplomats showed their respects at the Rotunda.

It was interesting seeing all the pomp and circumstance that the US Armed Forces can produce when they pull out all the stops.. The artillery pieces on the tarmack at Andrews, Sgt York prancing around down Constitution Avenue, the flyover by 21 F-15’s, the entire procession by some 2000 members of the Armed Forces. Everything seemed perfect, like they had practiced dozens of times. It was nothing short of amazing.

No matter what you think of his politics, no matter what party you support, it is a sad day when a President of the United States dies. As I heard mentioned during the services, Ronald Reagan is being honored by the United States.

I wish I could find some high resolution pictures to save.. all the ones on Yahoo are so small :/

Detailed my car over the weekend

Monday, June 7th, 2004

Meguiars #83 Dual Action Cleaner/Polish
Meguiars #82 Swirl Free Polish
Poorbooy’s EX-P x 2 applied 24 hours apart
Turtle Wax Tire Wax on the tires
Meguiar’s Gold Class Liquid Wax on the wheels
Polished front and rear windshield w/ #82

I used a Craftsman 7″ random orbital buffer for the two polishes.. I think I need a Porter Cable machine and some good foam pads to get some better results. The Craftsman would be fine for applying wax or sealant, but the motor is too weak to do much else really. I used it for the polishes because it’s easier than doing it by hand 🙂

products front fender full car

This machine is the one that I want. Seems to be quite popular amongst the enthusiast, and even professional, detailing community.

Rest of the pictures.