Detailed my car over the weekend

Meguiars #83 Dual Action Cleaner/Polish
Meguiars #82 Swirl Free Polish
Poorbooy’s EX-P x 2 applied 24 hours apart
Turtle Wax Tire Wax on the tires
Meguiar’s Gold Class Liquid Wax on the wheels
Polished front and rear windshield w/ #82

I used a Craftsman 7″ random orbital buffer for the two polishes.. I think I need a Porter Cable machine and some good foam pads to get some better results. The Craftsman would be fine for applying wax or sealant, but the motor is too weak to do much else really. I used it for the polishes because it’s easier than doing it by hand 🙂

products front fender full car

This machine is the one that I want. Seems to be quite popular amongst the enthusiast, and even professional, detailing community.

Rest of the pictures.

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