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Pomp and Circumstance

Wednesday, June 9th, 2004

I watched about 4 hours of coverage of Ronald Reagan’s funeral tonight. From when they took him off the 747 (VC-25) to just after the diplomats showed their respects at the Rotunda.

It was interesting seeing all the pomp and circumstance that the US Armed Forces can produce when they pull out all the stops.. The artillery pieces on the tarmack at Andrews, Sgt York prancing around down Constitution Avenue, the flyover by 21 F-15’s, the entire procession by some 2000 members of the Armed Forces. Everything seemed perfect, like they had practiced dozens of times. It was nothing short of amazing.

No matter what you think of his politics, no matter what party you support, it is a sad day when a President of the United States dies. As I heard mentioned during the services, Ronald Reagan is being honored by the United States.

I wish I could find some high resolution pictures to save.. all the ones on Yahoo are so small :/