Computers Chase the Checkered Flag

Computers Chase the Checkered Flag, an article in the NY Times, talks about all the computing power in an average F1 car. Data is transmitted from the car to the team computers as the car whizzes by the pits at 200mph. Teams are able to monitor potential problems in real time and predict failures.

Estimates say that teams will spend in excess of $2.8 billion this year to run all the races, with top teams spending around $400 million each.

AMD is excepted to announce that it will build a computer roughly as fast as the 10th most powerful machine in the world for Sauber which will be used for aerodynamic testing.

Seems like F1 racing is becoming more of a battle between engineers than a battle between drivers.

HowStuffWorks has an article about the technology behind CART cars. Budgets and technology in CART isn’t quite as large as F1, but still an interesting read.

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