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Used a dual action polisher

Sunday, August 22nd, 2004

I bought a Porter Cable 7336SP this past week at Lowes and gave it a whirl on my hood today. This thing is MUCH more powerful than my little Craftsman buffer! It really worked the Meguiar’s polishes (#83 and #82) in and made them dust up (or become clear) just like they are supposed to do. However, I think it isn’t even strong enough to work on my paint. It’s just too far gone. Lots of etching and marring from acid rain and bird droppings from the car being outside for 8 years. It’s really obvious when I pull it out in the sun and take pictures. No swirls, but lots of tiny little marks. Maybe if I spent more time and/or used a more abrasive foam pad (used a Lake Country polishing pad) I’d have better luck, but I doubt it.

I took some pictures trying to show my work, but they didn’t really come out all that great. I guess I need a tripod so that I can take pictures from the exact same angle to show the differences better. Slightly changing the angle makes it so I can’t really directly compare my work from step to step. Oh well.

I do like the machine though. It made applying S100 Shine Enhancing Paint Cleanser go really quickly and I got a nice even coat. Same with Poorboy’s EX-P. Just a breeze. I applied them both with finishing pads.