Indy 500 Today

Back from the Indy 500. What a race. Too many lead changes to count!

Reggie Miller was the starter of the race. He climbed up the flag stand about 45 minutes before the start of the race and the crowd just loved him! “REGGIE REGGIE REGGIE REGGIE”. I heard them in the background during the ABC pre-race stuff during the rebroadcast of the race.

Danica Patrick put on quite the show as well. 23 year old rookie. She actually led for something like 20 laps the crowd just loved that. We were all on our feet for the last 25 laps or so watching her in the lead. She unfortunately finished 4th.

Dan Wheldon managed to take the win under a yellow / checker finish. He was my Uncle’s pick and his pit was right across from our seats at the start / finish line, so it was fun to watch him move through the field.

After the miserable time we had last year, I wasn’t really looking forward to this year’s race, but now I can’t wait for next year. It was a blast!

Didn’t take the camera this year.. it just doesn’t do well taking pictures of cars going 225 MPH. Or maybe it’s me. Or both.

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