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Webhost upgrade

Thursday, June 30th, 2005

The webhost FINALLY got around to upgrading the webserver from a single P3-1GHZ to a dual Opteron 246. Bout damn time. Only a month and a half from when I initially complained (and I had been having problems before that) to when they finally upgrade the server. Hopefully things will run smoothly now, and I can actually use my site that I’ve been paying for.

USGP failure

Sunday, June 19th, 2005

The F1 race today in Indianapolis, the US Grand Prix, was a complete failure – on many levels.

Michelin failed to make a tire that is capabale of racing more than 10 laps without putting the driver in danger.

The FIA failed to figure out some sort of resolution to the problem.

The teams failed to push Michelin to give them another option.

The fans failed to be good fans. Boo, curse, and make all that rude gestures you want. But do not throw debris on to the track that endangers the lives of the drivers that did race and the lives of the track workers that have to clean up your mess.

FIA press releases / memo releases indicate that they knew about the problem late Saturday or early Sunday morning. Michelin could have gone to extraordinary measures to get safe tires for their cars. Rules could have been broken and drivers penalized – but there would have been a race!

Some of the teams have raised with us the possibility of running a tyre which was not used in qualifying. We have told them this would be a breach of the rules to be considered by the stewards. We believe the penalty would not be exclusion but would have to be heavy enough to ensure that no team was tempted to use qualifying tyres in the future.

The show must go on!

Give Bridgestone and Ferrari all of the points because they deserve it. They’ve done a better job this weekend, but once they give them all of the points, let’s go and put on a show. It doesn’t have to be an absolute wheel-to-wheel battle because WWF survives quite well out here with an element of show business involved. But what you have here is a joke.

What happened today was a damn joke. It just pisses me off. Nevermind who is really at fault. The 150,000 people that paid to see a race will not come back next year. That is going to be bad for Indianapolis, bad for Indiana, and bad for F1 racing in the US, and bad for F1 racing around the world. I hope the FIA comes down hard on those jokers somehow. They’ve embarassed the entire sport today, caused damage that is not going to be soon forgotten, and basically made a mockery of the entire sport.