Belkin Sport Armband Plus with Fastfit

I purchased a Belkin Sport Armband Plus with Fastfit to hold my new iPhone 3GS when I go running. Turns out, that wasn’t such a good idea. Here’s the email I just sent to Belkin explaining my complaints:

I bought an iPhone 3GS last Friday, the 19th, and then applied a skin from on Saturday. I decided I wanted to take my new iPhone walking and running with me, so I went to my local Fry’s electronics looking for an armband. I discovered the Belkin F8Z334 Sport Armband Plus with Fastfit and decided to buy it. I went walking with it on Sunday night and wasn’t entirely happy, but decided it would do the job so I threw out the packaging.

Tonight I decided to take it running with me and have decided that I really don’t like the Armband for several reasons:
1) The phone sticks out too far and is constantly moving around. The armband itself also managed to work itself loose a couple times and require readjustment. It wasn’t bad at all when walking but was downright distracting when running.
2) The front cover of the case is ill fitting which makes the phone hard to use while in it. By itself, that could be overlooked, but it detracts from the overall package.
3) Tonight when I was removing the phone after the run, I had to struggle a bit to get it loose. When I got it out, the skin had stretched out beneath the home button of the phone and essentially ruined that front piece. There was also a couple small blue smudges on the rear skin that didn’t come off when I wiped them with my moistened finger

I do like the overall concept of the product, including the cord management capsule and arm strap fastening system. When I first put the armband on I couldn’t figure out what to do with the extra cord length until I studied the capsule and figured out how to use it.

I see that the Sport Armband is now out of stock on I sure hope this is because the case has been discontinued. I see that there is a new “Dualfit” case coming soon, but I doubt that I will give Belkin a second chance at disappointing me with iPhone products.

I’ll be sure to update if they reply.

Update June 28:
I got a canned reply after a couple days:

Thank you for contacting Belkin Technical Support.

Thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded your comments to our Product Management Department.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us again. Thanks for your interest in Belkin products.

Escalation Agent

Belkin International, Inc.
Technical Support

No reply from the “Product Management Department”, no offers to replace my BSE, no suggestions on improving my experience. Rather disappointing.

Update July 29:
Belkin’s team never got back to me. The skin was ruined. They don’t care. The Armband is still lousy and uncomfortable and hard to use and just a terrible product overall. Thanks for the waste of money, Belkin!

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