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Pomp and Circumstance

Wednesday, June 9th, 2004

I watched about 4 hours of coverage of Ronald Reagan’s funeral tonight. From when they took him off the 747 (VC-25) to just after the diplomats showed their respects at the Rotunda.

It was interesting seeing all the pomp and circumstance that the US Armed Forces can produce when they pull out all the stops.. The artillery pieces on the tarmack at Andrews, Sgt York prancing around down Constitution Avenue, the flyover by 21 F-15’s, the entire procession by some 2000 members of the Armed Forces. Everything seemed perfect, like they had practiced dozens of times. It was nothing short of amazing.

No matter what you think of his politics, no matter what party you support, it is a sad day when a President of the United States dies. As I heard mentioned during the services, Ronald Reagan is being honored by the United States.

I wish I could find some high resolution pictures to save.. all the ones on Yahoo are so small :/

2004 Indianapolis 500

Monday, May 31st, 2004

My cousin and I got to my Uncle’s camping area about 9am and hung around for a bit, hoping it wasn’t going to rain, but not wanting to sit in our seats for several hours during a rain delay. Then it started raining. My Uncle cooked us some breakfast in his little camper dealio on the back of his truck. Around noon we decided to head in to the track because we had heard that they’d be starting the race around 1.

Got there and our seats were amazing. Every other time I’ve been, probably 13 races, we’ve been just off of turn 4. This time we’re RIGHT by the start/finish line, the yard of bricks. We can see all the action in the pits, the cars coming off the fourth turn, all the way down the front straight, and in to the first turn. The seats were also under cover, so if it started raining, we’d stay dry.

Around lap 23 they brought out the caution flag, and then red flagged the race at lap 27 due to the rain. Bah. 2+ hr rain delay and things got going again. Couple wrecks and such, nothing too bad. Worst was a three car wreck that ended up with the cars sliding down pit road and a safety worker getting hurt. Lap 175 it starts to rain again with Buddy Rice in the lead. Race is called at lap 180, and he takes the yellow / checkered flag. Bah. It was around 6:30 at that time, and we really wanted to see the race go the distance. Oh well.

As we were leaving the track, it really started raining. Got to my Uncle’s camping spot and it started raining even harder! Instead of waiting for the rain to pass, my cousin and I decided to just go on to his Jeep. Got freakin soaked.. thunder, lightning, tornado sirens going off. Then it seemed like the storm just followed us all the way home, making for a miserable drive.

sitting down pulling off borg warner trophy

All of my pictures.

Breaking Vegas

Saturday, May 8th, 2004

Slashdot had a story a couple years ago about MIT students counting cards at Las Vegas blackjack tables. On Sunday, May 9th at 9PM ET/PT, The History Channel will air a show called Breaking Vegas about the students. The show will feature an interview with the author of the book Bringing Down the House, which the Wired article, in the Slashdot story, was based on.

Hope I remember to watch it!

Oh yea..

Thursday, January 1st, 2004

Happy New Year!

Civil War!

Sunday, October 12th, 2003

I went to Hartford City’s Civil War Days today. Pretty neat. There was about 500 reenactors encamped there – men, women, and kids. All in period dress, sleeping in period tents, cooking with cast iron cookware. I’ve never been to a Civil War reenactment before, so this was quite a treat.

tents fire! boom!

Here are the rest of the pics.. Lots of neat stuff.

My weekend…

Sunday, September 28th, 2003

Well, I’ve been sick since Thursday. Woke up Thursday morning with the mother of all colds and I’ve been fighting it ever since. But, that wasn’t going to stop me from going to the 2003 James Dean Festival in Fairmount, Indiana. I’m not really a James Dean fan, really don’t know much about him at all, I just go for the neat car show they have. LOTS and LOTS of old cars from the 30’s – 70’s. You name it, and it’s probably there.

My favorite car to see was probably an unrestored, single owner 1969 Shelby GT350. Beautiful car. There were lots of custom Mercury leadsleds there, they looked simply spectacular. A 1949 Ford was on display that belonged to Dean’s family, as well as a replica of the Porsche that he died in.


The rest of the pics. About 20 in all.

Rainy Day

Monday, September 1st, 2003

We had a little rain today. Mom’s neighborhood has somewhat flooded.


But I managed to make us some dinner. Ribs and biscuits. She made potato salad and fried corn.


Here are some more pics of the food and water.

Little Duckies

Wednesday, August 6th, 2003

I was over at mom’s house tonight, sitting outside with Grandma and her friend. We were feeding the ducks some stale hot dog buns and they were loving life. About 25 ducks were around, but only 7 babies and their mama were brave enough to get close to me where I was throwing the food. There was even an ugly Canadian Goose out there that was hissing at anything that moved.

I walked around to the side of the house and noticed that the ducks kinda walked towards me. Then I went to sit back down and they walked back up to me again. Hmm.. those ducks sure do like me. I walked around the yard a little and the ducks seemed to follow me wherever I went. So I got a piece of bread and walked about 50 yards down the shoreline was I threw off pieces, ducks followed the entire way. How cute 🙂

Here’s Heidi

Wednesday, July 30th, 2003

As promised, here are a few pictures of Heidi! Enjoy!

Dog Sitting

Tuesday, July 29th, 2003

Mom & I are dog sitting for my Uncle this week. Miniature Schnauzer named Heidi. She’s kinda pepper colored, most of her body is grey, white belly, black and white and grey face. Cute little dog.

She’s about 4 years old, and during her life she’s only been away from my Uncle for a total of 2 nights when he took my Aunt to a clinic for some tests. We’ve had her for a week now, and she seems to be slowly adapting to us. Earlier this month “her” kitty cat had to be put down, so she was probably already lonely from that, and now her “daddy” has disappeared. She’s all confused.

Friendly, loveable dog. She likes for us to pat her, and she’ll sit right next to us when we watch TV or whatever, always wanting to be touching someone. She doesn’t take too kindly to strangers or other dogs though. I guess she doesn’t see many other people out with my Uncle, as they kinda live out in the country.

I’ll try to upload some pictures of her tomorrow.

Some more ducklings..

Sunday, June 8th, 2003

Saw some ducklings swimming around tonight. Not sure if they are the same ones we saw a month ago or not. But there’s only three of them now, there were ten eggs when they hatched.

More pictures of the fire

Sunday, June 1st, 2003

Went to my cousin’s house and got some more pictures of the gutted house. Everything has been pretty much cleared out of the house now, just an empty shell left. Didn’t get to help with any of the building/ripping stuff out because no one was there. Oh well.

My Uncle says that they are about ready to start putting new stuff in now.