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Paypal and rapidshare scam and fraud

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Got an email from rapidshare this morning thanking me for subscribing. Thought it was junk.

Got an email from paypal saying I had sent rapidshare $43 or something. Login to my paypal account and nothing. Look at all transactions and there it is.

I really am glad that I took my bank account info off of paypal! The charge hit my credit card instead. I disputed the transaction with paypal. They close it but don’t actually credit my card. Don’t know if it will take a while to show the credit but them stealing my money sure showed up right away. And they won’t respond to my emails.

Rapidshare blames me for the problem. It wad their service that was compromised by criminals.

Looking around the intertubes and this seems like a common problem. Paypal, why do you continue to allow rapidshare to steal from your customers? Guess you guys make money from them from a few legit transactions so you’re willing to deal with their attempted stealing every now and then.