EGR Vacuum Regulator Solenoid

I had a CEL light come on and had my cousin scan the codes at his shop. Codes P0401 and P1408 were stored in the computer. Through a little investigation with a vacuum pump, he figured out that the EGR Vacuum Regulator Solenoid was not working properly. Under light throttle, the RPMs would surge up and down. Didn't really affect the way the car drove, just somewhat annoying.

Replacing the part is a fairly simple process. Shouldn't take more than half an hour to do.

In this picture, the yellow arrow points to the solenoid. You can see it sticking out behind the intake plenum. You'll have to remove that intake plenum to get to the solenoid. The bolts holding the plenum on are 10mm, and the little clamp there can be removed with a flat tip screwdriver or a 6mm socket.
The next picture shows what the solenoid looks like once you get the plenum out of the way. The two bolts holding it to the firewall are 7mm. It's kinda tough to get a wrench in there, but using a 3" extension should make it much easier. The electrical connector is held on with a little clip that you can push down to remove. Once the bolts and electrical connector are off, there are two vacuum hoses left on the solenoid. Remove those, and the solenoid comes off the car.
This picture shows the solenoid off the car. The electrical connector, bolt holes, and vacuum connections are visible. Installing the new solenoid is pretty much the reverse of taking it off.
This just shows the top of the box that the new solenoid came in. Part number F63Z-9j459-AA. Retail is about $24 from your local Ford dealer. If you had a CEL on before replacing, make sure you reset the computer to clear the codes before you go for a drive.